The Aftermath Of The Mfecane

What were the Mfecane’s consequences? Ironically, perhaps, the conflict and adversity also gave rise to the emergence of a new crop of leaders that gathered together, reorganised and rebuilt their shattered communities. Notable among such leaders and their societies on the high veld were Moletsane of the Taung, Moshoeshoe of the Sotho, Mzilikazi of the Ndebele, Sekwati of the Pedi, Manthatisi and her son Sekonyela of the Tlokwa, and Montshiwa of the Rolong.

Manthatisi and Sekonyela of the Tlokwa

Moletsane of the Taung

Moshoeshoe and the Sotho

The Ndebele state in the western Transvaal

Tswana societies

The Pedi

The Swazi

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